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Game changer! I am so grateful for the sessions I had with Alex during a really unsettled time of my life. I had had counselling before in the past and knew I had reached a point where I no longer wanted to look back. I wanted to look forward and actually find methods to break me out of the negative habits I had learnt. I also wanted my behavioural patterns and ways of jumping to a conclusion challenged in a positive way. Alex has an amazing way of making you feel completely at ease and I felt comfortable to show my most vulnerable sides. Alex allowed me to find my inner strength and have the confidence to take on my fears as well as happily live the life that I deserve. My life literally 180 between my first and last session. Thank you for all that you have done for me Alex!


I was very apprehensive entering into my coaching sessions as have never done anything like this before and did not understand how the process works. From the first session, Alex explained everything very well and put my mind and uncertainties to rest. Working through my sessions, including work from my side outside of these sessions, allowed me to build my confidence back up. There was no magic, no secret passwords, no altering me as a person and no judgement, just an understanding of how my mind works and how to use the correct tools and techniques to get the best out of myself. I thank you very much for helping me refine myself.

A personal thankyou, I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders.


The sessions with Alex have been invaluable and I believe have helped build a foundation where I will be more confident, calm and self assured. You come away with the tools and techniques to continue practicing what Alex has taught. He also very much tailored the sessions to my needs understanding where my belief system needed readjusting to help me become the best I can be and build into an even stronger person. I would not hesitate in recommending Alex. 


When Alex said he could help me in 3 sessions I thought he was being very optimistic but he really knows what he is talking about, is so easy to talk to and helps you to think about things in a completely new way.  My confidence has increased so much I feel like I can approach situations now which would have previously terrified me!


I can assure you that if you follow the suggestions by Alex, then it will definitely change you. I am not the same person as I was before the training. Thank you Alex, it’s been a life changing experience. 


Alex is incredibly talented, reliable and respectful. Thanks to him, I manage to change completely my mind set, manage understand and control much better my anxiety.

 I finally achieved my life time goal: understanding better my self and increase my confidence.


The tools and reasoning behind Alex's method have been spot on and a good guy too. 

Really enjoyed my experience with Alex, simplified my thinking and helped me at things from a different angle, helped me massively and would recomend him to friends and family


Alex is a brilliant coach he really showed my true potential and capabilities. I’m more confident and I feel a huge change in my behaviour. I’m now less anxious due to him teaching me his techniques which actually work. I would highly recommend him to others, the work we’ve done has changed my life thank you so much for giving me that opportunity to become the best version of myself. 


I got in touch with Alex as I had lost my confidence presenting in meetings after a few bad experiences. Alex explained a number of techniques to get my confidence back and it worked very quickly! Would definitely recommend Alex - he’s very easy to talk to and puts you at ease quickly.


Alex was fantastic! I hadn’t driven on a motorway for 2 years … one session I was back on the road full of confidence!! Thank you so much!


Alex is very relatable. His kindness and knowledge shine through in supporting you to be open and honest. 

The strategies he gives you are very supportive and enable you to reflect on how you want to live your life and achieve a sense of confidence and understanding of why you might hold yourself back. And he gives you strategies to work on to overcome the barriers. Thank you!


The sessions were extremely helpful. I feel like just after a few sessions a more confident man and now have better direction of where I’m going in life.
I really recommend sessions with Alex for anyone who is looking to feel confident in life.


Dealing with low self-esteem and confidence issues holds you back in the modern workplace. Struggling, I came across Behaviour Influence albeit by chance. Alex assured me I was “fixable’ but I was nonetheless sceptical. Six weeks later, I can turn off negative, crippling thoughts. My fear of presenting overcome. I presented to 1000 people and I still can’t believe there were no sign of nerves. Thank you for helping me and finding the better version of me.


I signed up for 3 sessions with Alex and enjoyed them. I came away with lots of tips and knowledge. I feel better placed now to handle certain situations.

I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for guidance on how to be more confident and to think differently about situations.


Alex is a great coach, very attentive to details and is happy to make sessions bespoke to best fit your needs. I started to feel more confident after 4th session and now have all the tools and techniques needed to keep working on my confidence and achieve my end goals. I am also feeling more relaxed, calm and happy. I would highly recommend these sessions , it is the best investment i have made for myself!

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