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One Rule For Body Language- Triangles!

Ever wondered how you can appear more confident and powerful in any situation? Well, forget about complicated body language theories and just think triangles! That's right, triangles – those three-sided shapes that seem to pop up everywhere – can actually work wonders for your confidence and charisma.

You might be thinking, "Wait, how does thinking about triangles make me look powerful?" Well, here's the deal: When you adopt certain poses that create triangle shapes with your body, it sends out a subconscious signal of strength and assurance. It's like a secret code that your body language uses to say, "Hey, I've got this under control!"

Let's explore some everyday poses that can help you project a more confident and open vibe:

1. The Superhero Stance - Legs Apart:

Feeling a bit nervous before a big presentation? No worries, just stand with your legs apart, chest out, and hands on your hips (or in pockets) like a superhero about to save the day! This classic pose creates a triangle shape with your legs and helps you feel more powerful. You will start noticing celebrities doing this often on the red carpet!

2. Hands-on-Head Swagger:

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Try the "hands on back of head" pose. It's like giving yourself a mini pep talk. Rest your hands on the back of your head with your elbows wide, and you've got an instant confidence boost, forming a triangle with your arms. This is a way of showing your relaxed, confident and comfortable in your environment, give it a go and see how it feels!

3. Pockets of Power:

Casually hanging out with friends or colleagues? Slip your hands into your pockets like Tom here, and you'll create subtle triangles with your arms. It's a relaxed yet confident pose that says, "I'm cool, calm, and collected." For me this is the easiest pose todo and the more you create those subtle triangles the more natural it will become for you.

4. The Pyramid of Wisdom - The Steeple:

When you want to show off your intellectual prowess during a meeting or discussion, bring your fingertips together to create a steeple or pyramid like shape like Mr Wonderful here. Not only does this make you look like a wise guru, but it also signals that you're in control of the situation. Forming a triangle with your fingers is an easy way to make a quick triangle in any situation. You will notice people who do this usually feel like they have power, confidence and control of the situation they are in.

So, next time you find yourself in a situation where you need a confidence boost, just think triangles! It's like your body's secret weapon to conquer self-doubt and command attention. Whether it's standing with your legs apart, hands on your hips, or even just putting your hands together, triangles are your go-to move for open body language and displaying confidence.

Remember, though, body language is just one piece of the puzzle. Combine it with a warm smile, good eye contact, and genuine engagement with others, and you'll be radiating confidence in no time!

To conclude, you don't need to be an expert in body language to come across as confident and powerful. Just keep those triangles in mind, strike a pose when you need a boost, and let your body language do the talking. So, go ahead, embrace the power of triangles, and conquer the world with your newfound confidence!

If you would like further help on confident body language and how to feel more confident. Consider working with a coach (like me!), who can help you unleash your inner confidence and become the best version of yourself!


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