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Confidence Coach Alexander Ward

Coach Alexander Ward

Ready to take yourself to the next level? I can help with my signature coaching programs. 

Learn more today with a Free 30 minute discovery call.
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Meet your coach

I'm Alexander Ward a Coach who is know for helping clients influence thoughts, emotions and behaviour for positive change. I specialise in the area of Confidence and self-esteem, mindset and personal performance. I show everyone who works with me how to unlock their true potential to find success in their lives.
My training is in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH), NLP, and Personal Performance coaching. Using the specific elements from these areas has shown me time and time again that simple tools and techniques will transform lives, helping people discover their inner confidence and purpose in life. 

Let me show you how to overcome any personal barriers and find your confidence using my unique approach to coaching.

“I think of the mind a bit like a computer. It’s capable of amazing things if you have the right ‘program’. You just need to know how to install it!”  - Alexander Ward 

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What people are saying

I've had the honour to work with some amazing people who after working with me write me some kind words. I hope these testimonials inspire you to get  in touch to start your confidence journey with me.

My Services

I have a range of services to suit the needs of each client that I work with. Whether you’re looking to find confidence, change your mindset, find direction in life or would like to experience what hypnotherapy can do for you!

Online store

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For those of you who are looking for courses, books or audios to help with your confidence... I have you covered!

I have an online store with different products to suit all, below are two of the most popular products. Everything in store will work in conjunction with your 1-2-1 confidence coaching program. 

Get In Touch
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Coach Alexander Ward Black and white.
Confidence Coach


If you are looking to find out more about confidence coaching with me, you can just book a free consultation over the phone. After the call you will be sent an information pack and instructions on booking. 

For everything else including, corporate work and public appearances please use the general enquiry form.

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