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How law of attraction actually works

Did you know that some people believe to get anything you want or desire, all you need to do is ask the universe? I'm being serious! Using the laws of attraction the universe will manifest anything you want. Whether it's wealth, better health, a new relationship or just something you've always wanted.

Just put it out into the universe and it will deliver!

I don't know about you, but it sounds a little bit too good to be true. Some people (people I know) swear by it. They are firm believers in the law of attraction and claim they have astonishing results because of it.

So why has it over the years become so popular and why is it working?

The purpose of this article is not to disprove the law of attraction or to mock it, but to look at it from a different perspective, one that might be more appealing or plausible to others.

I think one of the best ways to start breaking down what is going on with this concept is to use an exercise that I sometimes do with clients. Follow the below instructions...

  • Look around the whole room for 10 seconds and count everything you see that is red after you've done that look back at this article.

  • Now without taking your eyes off the screen say how many red items you saw. Keep your eyes on the screen (No cheating).

  • Now without looking up, how many blue or blue-like items do you remember seeing?

  • Say that number out loud.

  • Now look around the room and see how well you did on each of the colours.

This exercise demonstrates that when we focus on one thing we usually see just that and ignore everything else.

In this example, your focus was on red items. You weren't looking for blue and that's why it was difficult to remember seeing blue.

When you have an instruction you follow it, I asked you to look for red and you did just that, by doing so you missed what blue items were around you.

It gets you thinking, what are we focusing on and because of it what are we missing?

Let's look at it a different way, if your brain is focused only on negative thoughts or ideas, you will naturally ignore all positivity around you. You may pass by opportunities and connections that might be beneficial for you. If you focus on negative thoughts, you will find evidence to support your thinking, which in turn can make you feel that life is against you and you're perhaps just unlucky.

There are people in the world who seem to get constant good luck. It appears the universe is doing them one favour after another and ignoring everyone else with its good fortune.

We all know that person....and we secretly hate them 😜

So why is it that they're always happy, have the perfect job, and perfect partner and get given opportunities we wish we had?

Well, some of it is down to good fortune. Some might be born into money or have won the genetic lottery, blessed with good looks or an athletic figure. All this helps, but it's not going to be the only thing behind all of their successes. There is something else at play, and that is these people who seem to have it all are doing the same thing, directing attention and focus. This conditions the mind to pay attention to what the world has to offer them.

When we shift our focus to what we want, we naturally start finding ways and opportunities to get it.

Let's say I want to ask the 'Universe' for a new car. I hate to burst any bubbles here but the universe isn't going to just manifest a new car for me or anyone. I don't care what others say, but that car isn't going to appear one morning outside my home by universal magic.

What I can do though is shift my focus to the goal of getting a new car. Every day I can tell myself that I'm going to get that car. With this being a primary focus I'm going to become more aware of opportunities to get that car. It won't happen by magic, but having my focus on what I want will make me more aware of opportunities that give me the ability to purchase it.

A car would be nice, but what about money? What about a partner? It works the same way! If your goal is to make more money, simply by focusing on that idea it's more likely to happen. When it's your focus you will actively seek the opportunities that can generate wealth. That focus is the thing that will make you seek new job opportunities for yourself or ask for a raise from the place you're working. You may look into setting up funds or learning about trading... The list goes on.

Very few people became rich without a focus on doing so. It doesn't just 'happen' you've got to make it happen for you!

Think about what you want. Is it just something you want or is it your focus and goal? There is a difference.

If you wake up every day and decide to focus on what you want, in time you are far more likely to get it.

As a said at the start of this article, it is not my intention to disprove the law of attraction, I want you to see that actually, it's not (in my opinion) the universe doing anything for you but something you can do for yourself. You can shift your focus and attention to what you need, make it a priority and work every day for it. You may just want to be happy but feel overwhelmed by all the bad things in your life, but you can use this concept to change how you feel. Shift your focus to what is good, even the small things. It's easy to focus on the troubles in life and when we do we miss all that is good. Pay attention and look for the good, perhaps it's just a smile from a stranger, a cute dog walking down the street, or perhaps it's some tasty food you're having! Notice and appreciate all these things, it will create a habit to pay attention to what you already have and what is good and paying less attention to what isn't.

I will finish this with a suggestion. Wake up each morning and ask yourself.

"Am I looking for red or blue today"


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