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New year goal tips

As we start 2021 many of us are considering different ways of improving ourselves. Famously at the start of the year, many decide weight loss and fitness is the direction to take after indulging over the Christmas holidays.

Today's article is for all those people who have set goals for this new year and 5 tips to help you keep going with your goal.

1) Whatever your goal make sure its something you truly want for yourself. Don't make goals because it's something you feel you 'should do'. You are more likely to give up or have a slip if it's not something you want to do.

2) If your goal is something that you want for yourself and you know is good for you, but you're struggling to enjoy the process (Like exercise for example). Take time to visualise the results and how that makes you feel. Also, imagine yourself enjoying the process, see in your mind how that looks and what it feels like.

This will start reprogramming your mind to see this as something you enjoy and want to do.

3) Go slow! This is not an all or nothing process. Take baby steps and you will slowly change your habits permanently.

Going fast can sometimes be too much to cope with physically or mentally at the beginning. This is likely to discourage you from achieving your goal. So remember, slow and steady wins the race.

4) The big picture and micro goals. A goal (big picture) is made up fo micro-goals, these are the smaller actions and goals that contribute to the big picture.

If you want to lose weight this may just involve exchanging cola drinks for water or having an apple instead of chocolate.

Simple small actions that are healthy and benefit your big picture.

These micro goals over time become your natural habit and a new way of thinking. Think about some micro-goals that add to your big picture.

5) A slip doesn't mean you've failed. This is a phrase I repeat to those who have quit smoking. Even if smoking cessation isn't your goal the phrase will still have some relevance to you.

Often when someone is giving up smoking they do well for the first couple of weeks and then they (often) have a slip, they smoke a cigarette. This usually makes people think that they have failed at quitting and there is no point in continuing with the process. As a result, they keep smoking.

A slip is a slip. Noting more. Getting drunk and having a cigarette doesn't make you a smoker. It makes you an ex-smoker who had a cigarette, you just had a slip!

Slips aren't a reason to give up on your goal or to think that you have failed.

If you are trying a new diet or exercise program and you eat some cake or miss a gym session a couple of times it doesn't mean that you will be forever fat and unhealthy. You are still on your path to being healthy, but you had a slip. No problem :)

If you slip, you need to recognise that you have had a slip and it's okay! But now it's time to re-focus and get back on track towards your goal, this is not the time to give up or feel bad about yourself.

These five tips will defiantly help you on your way to a better future and help you stick to your goal.

If you still haven't made a goal for yourself it's never too late, you can make and start one today!

If you are having troubles sticking to your goal, keeping motivation or choosing the right one, then get in touch with me for a session.

Together we will explore what is the best direction for you and the most effective way to achieve it.


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